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RiLF - Three Stories for Numbers (2018) EN

The Japanese RiLF hardly needs any introduction. But the band gives us so little new music that every new album, even so short, calls for celebration. Established by musicians of Matryoshka and Anoice, the Tokyo-based band is specialized in playing an atmospheric and very loud post-rock. So before you start listening to "Three Stories for Numbers" make sure to turn the volume up.

The characteristic traits of RiLF is being no shy to mix guitar post-rock with classical instruments like piano, violins and viola. The other thing is Calu's vocal that is as delicate as the frailest sun rays getting through during a cloudy day and adds some of this fantastic contrast between the brutal music and the beauty of vocal to their music. Especially in the opening of the album, "Count4" with the background undermined with uneasiness.

The entire EP is about numbers. It's no different in the longest on the album "Into the 7th Sky" which, exactly as promised, takes us exactly there: "there's no fear, it's time to dive into the next world". The musicians describe the album in a simple and meaningful way: "a quiet voice within beautiful noise." 

"Three Stories for Numbers" can be yours for anything you'd like to pay.

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