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Divenere - Forever (2018) EN

The Italian Divenere are far from being debutants, they've been building up their brand on the Apennine Peninsula for over a decade. Their new album shows how they succeeded. Warm and loud shoegaze is the best thing you can imagine for this cold "spring" now. And for when someone says "goodbye".

The Italians know what they want, they say they play "comfortable sound, covered by reverbs, without any genre to follow". And then there's another poetic sentence implying that they are no strangers to playing anything from rock, shoegaze, indie up to pop music "as a sunny day suddenly turns melancholically stormy".

Those pop-related references are not coincidental as after listening to "Forever", you'll find out that there was no single song you could call "worse", that all of them are noteworthy for their melodies and atmosphere. The latter is dreamy and blurred, just like the band's photo. All of the songs are worthy to remember and it's both the ones with airy and moody vocals (perfect "Floating") or the ones that are symphonies of the noisy nostalgia played "only" with instruments ("Willy Wonka").  The music here is as beautiful as the album's cover.

"Forever" costs 7 EUR.

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