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Tape Deck Mountain - Echo Chamber Blues (2018) EN

When you blend a variety of genres, sometimes you get a new quality that can hardly be labelled with existing tags. Tape Deck Mountain followed this thought by populating their new album with something between grunge shoegaze and noise dreampop. And what's most important, by making a great and well-written music.

I haven't heard an album where each and every song is instantly being remembered and worth remembering. Not in a while. This is how it goes with the album's "Loopers of Bushwick", "Morse Code", "Elephant" and the following ones. All of them build their own separate story, sometimes covering really interesting topics, especially the religious metaphors of "Elephant" are very much wort diving into. It even happens when a track has no lyrics at all ("Bueu") - in that cases, the mesmerizing melody won't allow you to stop listening to.

The high-pitched and emotionless vocals by Travis Trevisan makes me think of more experimental music by Suuns and the super clear guitars are pretty much of post-punk origins. Another proof of being connected to many genres are the eclectic inspirations the band enlist with shoegaze MBV, experimental The Spookfish and punk WRITER. A mixture that is great and very tangible on the album.

"Echo Chamber Blues" costs 7 USD.

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