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:WatchCamp: Buran, Mod Paula, noo, Strange Little Girl, yndi halda (2018) EN

Buran - Clouds

Very guitar-oriented post-rock by Rayco Hernándeza from the Canary Islands, really promising track that develops well and is finished as it should be. And costs whatever you want to pay.

Mod Paula - beyond the sky

Psychedelic/post-rock band from Texas with delicate vocal and a lot of this dreamy atmosphere involved, can't wait for more. Two tracks cost 1.99 USD.

noo - ほろはな ぴあの

Delicate neoclassical music from Japan, the whole thing is played on piano and touches souls. This short track costs whatever you want to pay.

Strange Little Girl - Je Rame

Super strange experimental music from Italy created by Matilde Guali. Unsettling whispers, atmospheric noise and cello sounds. Magical. This long track costs whatever you want to pay.

yndi halda - A Sun​-​Coloured Shaker

More like one-track album than a single, British yndi halda comes back with new material and this is always good news. Rock that is more or less post with violins and beautiful vocal. The track costs 3 GBP.

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