piątek, 23 marca 2018

Kraus - Path (2018) EN

Will Kraus is a solo artist from New York who is able to bring the one-person noise to a new level.

"Path" is an album full of punkr-rockishly short tracks filled with distorted guitar noise put in form with the sounds of furious drums and seasoned with nice, spacious whispering by Kraus. And what's also important, it all is made into engaging, mesmerizing compositions whose catchiness is not jammed even by this extreme noise.

Probably the best song would be the short "Brief Skin" in which the vocal turns into moody wailing perfectly synchronized with all the sounds here and with the inhumanly high pace of the album. It goes by really quickly but leaves a great impression and this pleasant hum in your ears. 

"Path" costs 12 USD.

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