czwartek, 15 marca 2018

Moe's - Smiles & Scars (2018) EN

Energy, power and space - these are the characteristics of the guitar music by the French trio Moe's. Arnaud, Yann and Alban have released their first LP recently and literally swept me off my feet with the hurricane of brilliant post-rock sounds

"Moe's" is a pub from the iconic cartoon TV-series "The Simpsons", Moe, the owner, is usually depicted as a personalization of misery, ugliness and, in fact, being a decent person. It seems that the band chose their name with that in mind, as the instrumental music is full of melancholic noise and raw guitar sounds, rarely labelled as beautiful. But when appreciated as a whole, their music sounds awesome.

There's no place for being idle there, from the beginning up til the end, the music surprises us with a fast pace and flood of noise. This is how the band shows their frustration and anger ("I Fucked It All Away", "No Money") without rest. But isn't it just the way life is?

"Smiles & Scars" costs 9 EUR.

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