środa, 28 marca 2018

Have The Moskovik - Papier Vinyle (2018) EN

Established in Orléans, Have The Moskovik is a band playing loud etheric music with guitars, strings and samples they are able to generate poetic atmosphere without any use of vocals. No wonder that even the fact that the musicians were able to met in the city is called "fate" in their biography.

The most important place in Have The Moskovik's music is occupied by Doud Picot and her violins. The strings add up to the project's airy atmosphere but they also are well used in those faster, more aggressive parts, as in the great middle part of "Café Charbon". But the violins wouldn't sound so good if it wasn't for the fact that the band doesn't like drowning their musi with many layers of guitars and so there's more space for strings very clear drums and atmospheric samples. But still, when they want, the French can create quite a noise too.

What is really interesting, the band's line-up involves dancer Laure Peyremayou whose "turbulent interpretation of what they have been trying to say in music" apparently me the musicians' expectations.

"Papier Vinyle" is available for 5 EUR.

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