piątek, 30 marca 2018

Tim Sorbs - Sounds Happen (2018) EN

Tim Sorbs is a Las Vegas-based musicians for whom there's no favourite genre. His newest album (newer even than the January's "Necessities And Vices") is, judging from the emotional caption on Bandcamp, his goodbye with the audience. At least for some time.

It is also a few tracks filled with absolute neoclassical beauty. Sorbs' compositions kill it with piano keys stroking that is delicate like touch of a sun ray (it is phenomenal in "Anir-Tank where those minimalist compositions make unbelievable job).

If such a good album is for the American only "sounds that happen", I can only admire his talents. But more likely, the phrase means that sounds are something that happens naturally. That's why there's so much on this album sounding like taken from nature, music that fluctuates like ocean or cries like rain.

"Sounds Happen" costs whatever you are willing to pay.

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