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Cats Of Transnistria - Opium (2018) EN

The Finns of the Helsinki-based Cats of Transnistria are coming back with their new album that's supposed to influence the audience just like opium does. They amaze us once again not only with their fantastically weird name but also the music, this time less acoustic folk-like and more like taken out from a dream.

The important changes since "Divine" would be extending the bands with a violinist Sanna Komi and different way Henna Emilia Hietamäki's vocal sounds. The former added tonnes of atmosphere to the project's music. Their songs are now even sadder, they appeal to such feelings as regret, longing and loneliness. It's all evoked by both the strings ruling the backgrounds of the tracks and in lyrics. For example in "Nightingale": "Another nightingale/ Ready to get their piece/ There’s always someone for you/ And never me".

And Hietamäki sounds on "Opium" more in a dreampop way, her dispersed vocal is at the same time sad and very attractive in a way. Like a broken heart and loneliness should. And the best example here is probably the best track on the album, "Tunnel" in which her murmuring and the accompanying violins sound dramatically sad and somewhat energetic at the same time.

"Opium" costs 8 EUR.

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