wtorek, 13 marca 2018

Blurred City Lights - Volker (2018) EN

We know this line-up from some place: Jarek Leśkiewicz (also in Opollo) and Dean Garcia helped by Rose Berlin. That's why Blurred City Lights sounds in a way as if the musicians of SPC ECO got their hands on heavy guitar sounds maintaining their electronic heritage as well.

Although the name of the project as well as the album cover art have somewhat synth vibe in them (in a bladerunnerish way), the music sounds a bit different. Unlike SPC ECO, Leśkiewicz takes part of the vocal side of the project and sounds like Mariusz Duda of Riverside (although the atmosphere on "Volker" reminds more of his solo works). While when it's Berlin's turn to sing, she brings tons of her magical, airy sound, I'm a huge fan of her voice (for example in the brilliant "Don't Let Go").

A good summary of BCL's music is made by "Night Crawlers" in which heavy guitar riff exists together with electronic samples and barely audible modified voices in the background. The whole album is a great mixture and like not many others would make a perfect soundtrack for a night life of a city.

"Volker" costs 6 GBP.

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