środa, 21 marca 2018

VLMV - Stranded, Not Lost (2018) EN

Released by the Polish Too Many Fireworks album by the English VLMV is a real break for the tormented souls. The duet Pete Lambrou - Ciaran Morahan shows how to create neoclasically beautiful album with music bordering with something that should be quite uniquely called "an ambient pop".

The high-pitched male vocal is accompanied by delicate noise in the background and beautiful piano key and/or bow dancing with thick strings of a cello. There's nothing more needed when you have so moody compositions as VLMV do. Probably the best track here would be "A Dead Channel Blues" with the accompaniment so subtle and atmospheric like wind blowing through moors that describing the song differently than ambient pop is almost impossible.

The biggest potential (slow and delicate but still) hit here is the song that gave the title to the whole album "Stranded, not Lost". Sill, tracks with vocal border with the instrumental ones that inspire awe with their minimalist melancholy ("Among My Quietest Fears"!) and wonderful keys ("And There Was Peace..."). Everything is in tune on this album.

"Stranded, Not Lost" costs 9 EUR (35 PLN).

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