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The Sun Burns Bright - Through Dusk, Came The Light (2018) EN

"Music is art and art is an expression of the soul" - that's an approach taken by the artist creating his music as The Sun Burns Bright. Said music is nice, optimistic post-rock illuminated by omnipresent here sun rays. But still, it is also able to generate a solid wall of noise from time to time.

Every track on the new album is filled with slowish pace and pleasant guitar tweedling. Because of that I would go as far as to call it a post-rock reggae: sun, sun and music. Also, the title of the first track really shows the optimistic way of thinking here. The best example here would be "Never Departing Shadow" that, despite an unsettling title, mesmerizes with the slowed down pace and appearing from time to time guitar noise walls.

Those walls sound extremely satisfying, for example during the final part of the great "A Long Way From Home". An important thing here is also the fact that the production of the album was very much influenced by musicians of Coastlands, an American post-rock-ambient band I had already had pleasure to post about here. Great job.

"Through Dusk, Came The Light" costs 7 GBP.

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