środa, 7 marca 2018

Deep Comfort - Nobody Asked For This (2018) EN

Deep Comfort make real minimalists. The band has no social media accounts, it's hard to find anything about them online and even the tracks on their album "Nobody Asked For This" have no titles. But they are still worth checking since the Australians from Melbourne create a top-shelf garage shoegaze.

The DIY album symbolized by a jumping trout is filled with music that the band calls a slow-fi shoegaze. It's certain that the hardly professional environment of recording is audible but it's also certain that it didn't bothered me a bit. Quite on the contrary, it makes an impression of listening to the Australians on a steamy concert full of dense, though not really loud guitars and airy female vocals.

Especially the longest track, coded as "B3", iss worth listening to. In this song the slow, shoegaze atmosphere draws slowly towards an ocean of overwhelming although not very loud guitar noise.

"Nobody Asked For This" can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

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