czwartek, 15 marca 2018

SUBNOIR - A Long Way From Home (2018) EN

Norway is a true homeland for metal projects literally swarming all around the place, sometimes though, a project offers more atmosphere and post-rockish melancholy and thus post-metal is born. Just like it is with the Akershus-based band SUBNOIR's debut.

Post-metal-sludge music of the project led by Kenneth Mellum gives us what we all want - aggressive guitars, diabolic vocals and synth backgrounds. The tracks are mesmerizing with the dark energy they involve and really well-written music. One track that's especially noteworthy is "Owlking" with its ultra-desperate howling of a vocal going together with a choir of the undead introducing almost sacral atmosphere to the music.

A bit of peace is brought by, no surprise there, "Serenity" but it's only to make explosion in the following "Fading Sun" sound even more epic. And it all leads to a monstrous "Dissipation" that ends this brilliant album.

"A Long Way From Home" can be yours for 5 EUR (49 NOK).

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