czwartek, 13 grudnia 2018

A Farewell To Words - Matter Of Heart (2018) EN

There's no post-rock band that has more genre-fitting name than the Latvian A Farewell To Words. Their music is made of "riffs, colored by influences of punk and blackened metal", and their new EP, Matter Of Heart, shows their big guitar potential.

The album's titles is taken from the movie document about Carl Gustav Jung, together with samples that enrich two of the tracks. But the band's inspirations go further and reach also American poetry (The Road Not Taken). But the most important is how they sound. This is rather traditional post-rock music with usually quite delicately and melodically rocking guitars and clear drums, but at times they transform into rather big, almost metal-like noise.

Matter Of Heart costs 4.99 EUR.

Check: Reflection
Country: Latvia
Genre: guitar post-rock

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