środa, 12 grudnia 2018

SKY - p r e y (2018) EN

Dream pop destroyed by sound pollution and droning noise, sweet and painfully sad at the same time. SKY or Sorrow Kills Youth, is a Polish artist who is devoted to those kinds of experimenting as you can find out on her new album p r e y.

She presents the album as "sick sad thoughts I've recorded this summer. I was going to sleep with the sunrise for two months, so it sounds best at dawn, after sleepless night." This sleepless material was mastered by not a random person but by Denis Wanic of SUIR and released by the great Trzy Szóstki label and the girls from Baby Satan Records. So no wonder that this sweet, girlish pop drowns in drone passages (g i a n t!) while accompanied by minimalist and dar-wave electronic sounds.

This album is so depressingly experimental that it's no surprise when d i a r y includes recordings from therapy sessions of suicidal patients from over half a century ago. Because why not.

p r e y costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: p r e y
Country: Poland
Genre: drone pop

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