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Jet Plane - Falls Feather (2018) EN

"This sound changes everything into ice" as they describe themselves - Jet Plane are from Russia and play, another quote, "strings-based drama behind Post Rock crescendos and emotions". Sounds good? It's only better as they show on their forth album entitled Falls Feather.

The album is characterized by the urge to experiment. As their bassist said during one of the interviews, "the desire to experiment expanded our horizons. I think we became less conservative, within a genre". The band's thing is to combine the heavy guitar post-rock with classical instruments: piano, strings and sometimes even, from what I can tell, a xylophone. This combination guarantees some refreshing vibes in the guitar-based genre.

One of the best tracks here would be Wildflowers in which those crossing paths of melancholic violins and modern electronics (even scratching) are well audible. Although those are two very different worlds, when drowned in guitar sounds, it makes a great impression.

Falls Feather costs 7 USD.

Check: Wildflowers
Country: Russia
Genre: neoclassical post-rock

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