piątek, 28 grudnia 2018

A Topiary - a film (2018) EN

A Topiary makes a psychedelic and moody "music without a face" but instead with a lot of different merits. You can taste it on the short EP released in November.

The band also add that they are "a type of living sculpture" and they want to use their music to fix the broken relationship between the man and the nature. Sounds intriguing? Musically speaking it is so as well. The three musicians play some sort of psychedelic pop-rock like a more delicate Flaming Lips would with this dose of shoegazing atmosphere. They can create a lot of mood (in Golden Light) or a very much engaging and catchy song (Dragon Tea). Very much worth trying.

a film costs 5 CAD.

Check: Dragon Tea
Country: Canada
Genre: psychedelic pop rock

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