czwartek, 20 grudnia 2018

Emperor Emotion - A Loveless Dimension Called Death (2018) EN

Emperor Emotion is a music tube of the record label sentipentsaris from the American city of Spokane. A Loveless Dimension Called Death, the project's new album, is filled with atmospheric and very diverse at the same time music. Definitely worth checking out.

Worth checking because you can dive into ambients, into synth, into key compositions and into coughing guitars at the same time. Everything to reach the sentipentsaris, as people from the label explain, it's an "ancient Irish term for the getting together of the heart and mind". The sounds from Emperor Emotion make upa whole spectre, from the quiet ambients up to actually post-rock compositions played with very raw sounding electric guitar (Seven). And it all meets in the album's best Farewell To Those Who Died At Sea, slowly developing and crushingly loud in the end music tribute.

A Loveless Dimension Called Death costs whatever you want to pay.

Check: Farewell To Those Who Died At Sea
Country: Washington, US
Genre: genre-bending post-rock

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