wtorek, 18 grudnia 2018

Panda House - Explorers (2018) EN

Panda House is a Detroit-based band that are "meeting at the intersection of art and music". Surely it doesn't mean that they count music as art, but it's more about the visual aspect, seen for example on their Facebook account. The Americans have just released their second album called Explorers which may be of interest to all the experimental post-rock fans.

The trio's album is not particularly long, but surely is intensive. In every second of it's time, a lot happens, and although it's not very loud, there's a lot of audio details there. Very guitar music that can be under no circumstance called boring. Quite the opposite, the artists do whatever they can to avoid this word.

And so in Reach In we have some electronic influences, in Mirage Of some quite mesmerizing fragments, in Droplet Do some of the heavier ones. There's no way one can not like this energetic and diverse music.

Explorers costs whatever you can pay.

Check: Reach In
Country: Michigan, US
Genre: experimental post-rock

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