środa, 19 grudnia 2018

Love Fade - Придуманных страхов призраки (2018) EN

There's little you can find in the Net about the Russian from Love Fade, but perhaps this taste of mystery is very fitting here. Anyway, we know the most important part: they play an engaging shoegaze and have released a brand new album Придуманных страхов призраки (The Spirits of Invented Fears if I understand it correctly)

The artists combine in their music what is the essence of shoegaze - the guitar atmosphere and delicately catchy vocals with equally delicately catchy melodies. Even with those trivial moments that in other genres would only irritate me (as in the album's best track Ча-ча-ча or in Слова). On the other hand, sometimes there is this tangible feeling of melancholy that is as dense as the layer of guitars, and it is best noticeable in Грустная (also, the tracks title means exactly "a sad one").

Придуманных страхов призраки costs 7 USD.

Check: Ча-ча-ча
Country: Russia
Genre: dense shoegaze

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