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Movement Of Static - Naegleria (2018) EN

Movement Of Static is a Greek band playing cinematic post-rock, instrumental music radiating its grandeur and having a concrete idea about its message. Their album called Naegleria makes an attempt to broaden the band's sound with psychodelic electronic and the this idea turns out to be a successful one.

As the band state, the album "is based on the journey to knowledge" and tells "a surreal story about a girl who traveled a long way to find an ancient secret about the meaning of life".  And since it really is surreal, they tell it without words, only with guitar post-rock sounds. Every track has its place in this story and if you need help in understanding it, you can always read interesting descriptions of each of them on their Bandcamp page.

MoS have no issues with combining genres in their music: sometimes they play psychedelic post-rock with guitars slowly dancing around, sometimes they get to those bombastic areas with the help of synthesizers, and finally, sometimes they crush the audience with some post-metal noise. Everybody can find something for themselves in this post-rock puzzle.

Naegleria costs 7 EUR.

Check: Mountain of Life
Country: Greece
Genre: psychedelic post-rock

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