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Bad Pritt - Bad Pritt (2018) EN

This distorted celebrity is actually an Italian musician's project that is "largely based on electronic new romantic, while you can already listen to the echoes of post-rock fury" and a bit of "neoclassical electronic music". Sounds complicated? The important thing is that the music is breath-taking and you can feel it thanks to released in September album Bad Pritt.

First sounds on the album are warm basses that are being joined by the following electronic samples and neoclassical fragments. The feeling of unsettle and danger is especially stressed out by electronic backgrounds - sometimes more subtle, sometimes rather soul-crushing. The fact how well they cooperate with the neoclassical elements is best seen in the brilliant Stalagmite in which the violins and the electronics sound as if they had always been meant to accompany each other.

From time to time there is also some of the vocal sounding a bit neurotic among all those elements (it's at its best in the ballad entitled Burning Bridges). The album has a very concrete and perhaps a bit pompous message: the man versus the technology versus the nature and how they influence each other. Fortunately, the album, as the author writes, "in spite of frequent dramatic tones, remains a secretly pop product" and so it is very difficult to press stop while listening to it.

Bad Pritt costs 9.90 EUR.

Check: Stalagmite
Country: Italy
Genre: electronic neoclassical

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