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hazards of swimming naked - take great joy (2018) EN

Hazards of swimming naked come from a very hot part of Australia (hence, probably, their name) and it's not without significance as they claim: "The humidity and vibrancy of that region permeates their music" that reaches places typical for their musical influences such as MONO, Mogwai or Godspeed You! Black Emperor.

Another interesting description of their music is the following: "loud:quiet:not-so-loud:not-so-quiet:louder:quietest:not-quite-quiet:loudest". Indeed, the balance between the more peaceful fragments and the ones in which the Australians' music reaches the sky is the key. The guitar-based tracks are written in such a way that keeps the listener's attention while they never know if after a peaceful track enriched with samples (sometimes very interesting ones talking about, i.e., the state of the music education in waiting for 5120) the next one won't be something wilder and crazier.

Extremely interesting is the lullaby in sofðu unga ástin mín sung in Icelandic by Bjarnheiður Kristinsdóttir. She is not the only guest on the album, another ones bring some orchestral support with cello, violas and even horn, adding a lot of grandeur to the whole album.

take great joy costs 12 AUD.

Check: sofðu unga ástin mín
Country: Australia
Genre: sublime post-rock

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