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Who Dies in Siberian Slush - Intimate Death Experience (2018) EN

The band's label is clear: "Truly Russian Funeral Doom Death" as it is stated on Bandcamp with description that it means music that is "majestic and sad". You can hear it on the band's third LP called Intimate Death Experience.

Long, slow and absolutely sad tracks are inspired by the culture and nature of Russia, thus the reference to the eastern wilderness in the band's name and a song devoted to Boris Kustodiev, a Russian painter. This expression of Russianness is the main aim of the project. What is it characterized with? Certainly the heaviness and rawness of guitars combined with fragments full of beautiful keys.

Another matter is the vocal that is extremely, even for metal, deep. This is why it fits the music so well, but also makes it capable of inspiring fear, awe and sadness in audience, all at once (as it is done in the brilliant Remembrance).

Intimate Death Experience costs 5 USD.

Check: The Tomb of Kustodiev
Country: Russia
Genre: funeral doom metal

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