piątek, 21 grudnia 2018

Egor Grushin - Ritorno (2018) EN

An Ukrainian pianist and composer, Egor Grushin, has released his new album. Ritorno comprises of six compositions referring to "six steps from the past to the future", that, according to this mythology, are required to "defeat the remains of the Old and get ready for the Future". 

To his musical journey, Grushin invited a handful of great guests, including, and this is the most important information, Oleksyi Sakevych, widely known as Endless Melancholy, who played synths in tracks Run and Chimeras. Besides him, you can hear both strings (sounding awesome in Chronos and Rise) and guitars. just sit and receive the music with all your senses.

Ritorno can be your for whatever you pay.

Check: Rise
Country: Ukraine
Genre: true neoclassical

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