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WatchCamp December'18 - Tender Buttons, The Chemical Mind, Tomy Herseta, Twin Oaks, Vacuum Karma (2018) EN

Tender Buttons - Cry At Night

Indie-dream-pop from Australia and their sad song about love. A lot of charm inside with no doubt.The single costs whatever you pay. 

The Chemical Mind - Still and Silent

Post-metal band lead by Nick Krueger from Texas, here together with the vocal help from Matthew Carl Earl. The song announces the upcoming album Beneath The Shadow It Casts. The single costs 1 USD.

Tomy Herseta - Expanded Circumstances

Another very interesting project from the Indonesian Héma Records, this time it's some of the cinematic electronics. The song may be your for whatever you pay.

Twin Oaks - Montauk

The first song from the album See You When I See You bound to be released next year. Bedroom folk-dream pop music that is both airy and very catchy. Two songs can be yours for 1,25 USD.

Vacuum Karma - In The Distance

A project from Russia showing a beautiful combination of lovely keys and rapid sounds of guitar. The track can be your for whatever you want to pay.

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