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Lief Sjostrom - The Longest Night (2018) EN

Lief Sjostrom is "a cellist, guitarist, composer, and teacher" from Colorado. This Christmas he released and album that perfectly, in my opinion, reflects the atmosphere of the long, cold night when the miracle was supposed to happen.

While I am not a fan of Christmas-themed concept album, I can't just miss this super dense ambiance of Sjostrom's short release. The Longest Night is made of six compositions played mostly on the cello with all of its richness with dark tones, melancholic bow and rhythm tapping on its body. The artist deals with more or less famous American carols with the most famous (at least in Europe) being Silent Night. This one is even more delicate and even darker than other mainstream versions.

And this is the way to perform Christmas carols I understand.

The Longest Night costs whatever you pay.

Check: Silent Night
Country: Colorado, US
Genre: christmas dark folk

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