piątek, 20 kwietnia 2018

Crash Dept - Chiba City Love Songs (2018) EN

The Russian project from Yekaterinburg made of two people, loud shoegaze and ton of fanboyish references to William Gibson's "Sprawl" series. The latter are visible in the album title, the tracks titles (sweet play on words in "Cyberdrunk") and of course in the album description that reads tat the album consists of "three noise-laden romantique stories (obviously) set under a dead channel sky".

Another inspiration must be the My Bloody Valentine-esque shoegaze, it's not only about the album cover's colour but also more or less subtle references in the music backgrounds. Less shoegaze on the other hand is the vocal that seems more fitting to punk-coldwave kind of music that together with very much melodic and catchy compositions should attract a lot of people.

The best one here is probably "Visions", track set in slow pace and full of undoubted atmosphere. Whereas the physical album contains a 800% slowed down version of "Nothing Outside" that has to make for a really hardcore shoegaze experience indeed.

"Chiba City Love Songs" costs 3 USD.

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