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Wild Surmise - Dropping Slow (2018) EN

Wild Surmise is both a microscopic record label and one of the projects of Thomas Power from Ireland. One because he creates electronic music as L'Homme Moyen while Wild Surmise is dedicated strictly to guitars. And it's so good I could hardly skip his new record.

There's plenty of guitar sounds and they are diverse. Sometimes they are like torrent's delicate whispers, sometimes, in the background there are strings handled with a bow while sometimes, frankly, quite often, this guitar music gets to be, yes indeed, powerful. The best thing is that all this can be heard during one track, like it is in an ultra atmospheric "Peace".

There's also some surprising moments, like the one in "Comes" where the show is stolen by this crazy tribal-black-metal drums rhythm  which, together with not very aggressive music, makes a unique combination. It's one of those projects you can't believe it's in fact only one man behind it.

"Dropping Slow" is available for pay-what-you-want.

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