piątek, 27 kwietnia 2018

Noche Oscura - Gate (2018) EN

Noche Oscura is brought to life by Wrocław-based musician Wojciech Szachowski. It is also a term from the mystical arts describing this situation in life when the darkness of the situation a person got himself into, helps him to ascends into the light. It is recommended to read about it on the FB page of the artist. The most important thing here is that this was the direct inspiration for Szachowski to create his dark music that promises light.

"Gate" is filled with music of sadness and desperation depicted with noise backgrounds and guitar, sometimes quite invasive, sounds. It is also filled with music of light present in the sounds of keys created by one of the guests on the album, Tomasz Wróblewski. It is also the drones that appear from time to time (Suspension") and devour all the other sounds and the audience as well. Finally, it's also strings by Katarzyna Gronowska adding up to the sum of the painful beauty.

And the few final minutes are pure emotions.

"Gate" costs 3 USD.

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