czwartek, 5 kwietnia 2018

Sexores - East/West (2018) EN

Echoes and synthesizers, wall of sound and futurism - the musicians of Sexores don't write much about their project but when they do, it's meaningful. Coming to us from Quito, Ecuador, band is a mixture of Blade Runner-ian synth and very moody shoegaze.

In the music that is neon and foggy with the synth sound, the rare talent in writing engaging and catchy songs lies on the "East/West" album. The way the delicate voice of the vocalist hidden behind the nickname 2046, warbling synth keys and the melody in "The City that Sorrow Built" are combined makes lasting impression. This unorthodox mixture of innocent vocals (how sweet it is in  "When I'm in Your Eyes" is barely comprehensible) and cold-wave-synth-etheric music is the band's strongest side.

The best way to sum up the album's review is to let the artists speak for themselves: "this album is a perfect balance between that idea we had of the band that gazed at their shoes and the legacy of a whole generation of music made with synthesizers and futurism". To the point.

"East/West" costs 12 USD.

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