piątek, 6 kwietnia 2018

VRCVS - V R C V S / / / A N T A R T I C A (2018) EN

Greatly atmospheric electronic music from Italy. VRCVS have released an EP comprising previously written tracks that can finally see the light of a day. And it's good news since they make a fantastic album.

VRCVS' sound changes throughout the album. From delicate "omyakon" filled with subtle keys, through trip-hopping "yakutsk", to almost orchestral finish of "norilsk". In each of those moments, it reminded me of one of the best gaming soundtracks I've heard, the one from "Sunless Sea" by Maribeth Solomon and Brent Barkman. And this is the best recommendation. 

"A N T A R T I C A" costs whatever you want to pay.

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