piątek, 13 kwietnia 2018

Hope Leslie - Crushes EP (2018) EN

As a Pole, I find it especially satisfying to find new Polish artists of the shoegaze-dream pop stage. This is exactly Hope Leslie from Poznań, who have just released their first EP.

The album is short but very promising. The music by the band that uses a sweet pun as a name, could be called indietronic dream pop with fittingly electronic backgrounds and very catchy approach. The foreground is occupied by unique vocal by Bartosz Górny, that may remind of britpopish bands like Starsailor rather than dream pop. But the backing vocals and the overall vibe is surely taken from the oneiric kind of pop.

Especially well sounding is "Dystopia" with catchy melody and somewhat crying-like vocal. Good stuff. No wonder their motto reads "We give both: melodies and melodramas".

"Crushes" costs 4 EUR (15 PLN).

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