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:WatchCamp: Bad Faith, Distance, Dose, Tiny Fireflies, Adam Weikert (2018) EN

Bad Faith - Song for Afrin

Politically engaged track by the New York based project, safe to say that it's a slow, electronic/guitar post-rock bordering with western-like climate. Very interesting music. The track is available for pay-what-you-want.

Distance - Radiance

First look of the upcoming new album by the Russians makes great impression with the guitars as they should sound like and atmospheric electronics. The track goes for 2 USD.

Dose - Furniture/Opaque

A single by Englishmen fro Newcastle announces their full-time debut. Intriguing blend of noise guitars and cold-wave atmosphere, waiting for the album! You can pay 3 EUR and get the whole LP as soon as it is released.

Tiny Fireflies - Nothing/2040

The single by the fantastic dream pop/shoegaze project from Chicago. "Nothing" is already one of THE songs of the year for me, can't wait for more. These two tracks cost 2 USD.

Adam Weikert - A Constant Repose

And finally, a neoclassic track by the English artist, Adam Weikert, to celebrate the International Piano Day. Can be yours for anything you want to pay.

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