czwartek, 26 kwietnia 2018

Squid - Waves EP (2018) EN

Kuba Łakomy and Tomek Grządkowski began their project called Squid inspired by the soundtrack from Jim Jarmush's "Only Lovers Left Alive" (and it's so understandable). And so do the Wrocław based duet play their avant-garde rock drowned in a very dark atmosphere, bordering closely to post-rock music.

Their new EP, "Waves", confirms all of this. The tracks here are covered by delicate noise sometimes lined with fantastic keys and strings that make everything sound epic ("Suite in D minor"). From the second track, "Stranger", it gets more post-rock-like thanks to the not overwhelming presence of guitars. Unlike most of the music of the genre, the guitars not only don't deafen down the broad spectre of various sounds created by Squid but it even broadens it (as in the gracefully frolicking "Desert Sound").

"Waves" gies for 3 EUR (10 PLN).

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