środa, 11 kwietnia 2018

L'Homme Absurde - Sleepless (2018) EN

Good news came from Russia - the post-metal band L'Homme Absurde, that last year gave me chills with their interpretation of Placebo's "Without You I'm Nothing", have release new album. Good stuff to get sleepless with.

The Moscow based band was started as a solo project by A., musician known from bands like Mare Infinitum or Comatose Vigil. After the line-up was completed, the Absurde Man started to play post-black-metal with its whole power. A. and his raging scream is accompanied by black metal, furiously fast drums and atmospherics guitars whose post-metal nature devours listeners in their soundscapes.

Probably the most interesting track here is "Moments in Coma" with its rapid pace changes and great wall of guitar noise crushing the audience and their souls in steel trap made of guitar strings. There's no way to find one moment of piece throughout the whole album. But that's exactly the point.

"Sleepless" costs 6 EUR.

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