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Mint Field - Pasar de las Luces (2018) EN

Absolutely engaging and abspolutely mesmerizing, this is the debut album byt Mint Field, two very young girls from Mexican city of Tijuana. Although there's only two of them, they are able to create unique and mint guitar vapour dense atmosphere shoegaze. "Pasar de las Luces" takes us with them for a long journey where you may forget your own self.

Slow drums by Amor Amezcua and a guitar and this otherworldly like angels' steps vocal by Estrella Sanchez are enough to lift a person off of the ground. They begin it with the single entitled "Ojos en el Carro" in which the airy vocal and psychedelic guitar catch attention and begin the process of hypnosis. The minimalist usage of instruments doesn't bother at all. Two-people White Stripes could make us dance and so Mint Fields can make us get lost in their misty climate.

Their songs are rarely traditionally written. It's enough to have a bite of "Temporada De Jacarandas" to see how to write a catchy song using only two words. Or not much than a title, as in "Quiero Otoño De Nuevo" ("I want Autumn Anew") in which the psychedelic guitar is ut in the foreground and leads inevitably towards fantastic finish. Beautiful vocal as "just" an addition to ambitious and well-written music on this album is both frequent and well done.

"Pasar de las Luces"costs 9,99 USD.

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