środa, 25 kwietnia 2018

Human Architecture - Dreaming in Black and White (2018) EN

Gene Priest of New York is known as Human Architecture and goes in the way his inspirations like William Basinski, Autechre and Jonny Greenwood went. He himself says that his occupation is to mix synths and automatic drums with live instruments. And then he adds "looping, sampling, splicing, droning" self-explanatory really.

On his new album, all of this is done in a really magical way. The particularly fantastic is how the delicatelly droning electronics is combined with clear drums adding up to the temper of the music. This is accompanied by the modulated sounds of classic instruments (or some synth forgeries of those) that bring a lot of beauty to Priest's works.

The magic is not lost even when "Drifting Out" introduces some of those very much electronic beats. Quite the opposite, everything fits well here.

"Dreaming in Black and White" costs 3 USD.

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