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Noise Above The Ocean - Down To You ! Earth (2018) EN

Noise Above The Ocean was created by Aurélien Lebot channeling his inside through music. "Down To You ! Earth" is already the third album by the band whose line-up was finished with addition of Thomas Lebegue, David De Oliveira and Brice Thiroine, and I can't understand why they still are not one of Europe's biggest names in experimental music.

"Down To You ! Earth" makes a psychedelic melange of trip-hop electronics and beautiful noise. Sometimes, as in the opening "Silent Shape", they sound absolutely post-rockish, sometimes, as if they wanted to play the most atmospheric rock in the world. From the second track on the album, the single "Escape Lane", Lebot's vocals appear and they are delicate and also neurotic as if it was to break down any minute from too many emotions. This, together with airy backing vocals and guitar storms appearing out of nowhere, create what I love the most - emotional rock of the highest quality.

And so the album goes - changing from more conventional tracks (as for example "See You Through"), post-rock compositions ("Puy De Dôme" which is inspired by a fantastic lace in central France) to experiments sounding as if Jónsi and his band decided to move to the land on Seine ("Down To You ! Earth").

"Down To You ! Earth" can be yours for anything you want to pay

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