środa, 18 kwietnia 2018

Skyglow - Skyglow (2018) EN

And so it happened, this is yet another truly great post-rock band from Germany appearing on Łabandzi Śpiew. Skyglow is a four-men collective from Göttingen formed by Kilian, Alex, Wilke i Falk, who released their debut album in March. And their "Skyglow" shows a stylish side of post-rock music.

It is an accomplishment when you are able to combine beautiful music with aggression and high pace. Skyglow do that in a range of tracks  the composition variety and ever changing pace of which won't let you get bored even for a second. And so we have storms of guitars ("Larnaca"!) and fragments of peace and surprising speeding ups ("City of Fools") and ear crushing steamrollers of aggressive sounds (greatly destructive "Going West").

The whole things sounds like high quality post-rock spiced up with some extra pugnacity and zest. The sounds generated by the Germans get right through the ears and throw their own eerie party inside your head.

"Skyglow" costs whatever you want to pay.

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