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Jérémie Renoir - The Rock EP (2018) EN

Jérémie Renoir creates his music in Paris and has just released his debut EP. Apparently, the series of EPs is how he wants to communicate with his fans, rather with than longer releases. The Frenchman is compared to the biggest names with the likes of Björk, Leonard Cohen and David Lynch but what is more important, he shows so much of his own style that doesn't have to fear being labelled.

The most important aspect of Renoir's music is his voice. Low-pitched, full of tasty rustles and deep like a bottomless pit. Even when in some parts he's busy with climbing to higher pitches or even in charming backing vocals ("The Rock"), draws full attention of the listener. Although it is compared to voices of Cohen or Chet Faker, I think it is unique enough to attract fans as if it was a real life magnet.

The artist's music is mostly heavy sounding piano keys and delicate electronics humming in the background or setting up the rhythm. The latter, often quite unorthodoxically rhythmic, revokes the already mentioned Björk but to be honest, it's less experimental than the Icelander's latest works. It is the perfect balance between ambitious electronic music and pop catchiness.

The EP can be your for anything you want to pay.

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