czwartek, 19 kwietnia 2018

Saturno Devorando - Still Life (2018) EN

How often do you get to listen to perfectly airy music from Costa Rica? I'd never done it before I discovered Saturno Devorando. The duet consisting of Ronald Bustamante and Fiamma Aleotti creates music from the borderlands between electronic and guitar music and has just released a new album.

The artists' main influences involve people like Francisco de Goya, Chris Marker, Lars von Trier, Albrecht Dürer. Painters, a photographer and a director. No wonder their music seems to be extremely plastic in the graphic sense with electronic backgrounds, strokes of airy backing vocals and sad, deep voice of Aleotti in the foreground. This combination of whispery noise and atmospheric trip-hop is a generic bullseye.

The tracks on this album are of the same high quality but still you can find some gems like "Sad Story" with crying chorus, rebellious "Fucker" and disturbingly slow "Ice Queen". The album is closed by over 8-minutes-long feast of tense atmosphere and seemingly sweet vocals.

"Still Life" costs 8 USD.

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