piątek, 4 maja 2018

Ashen Swan - L'appel du Vide (2018) EN

Nathan Kwoon is an artist who can make magic as not many others. As Ashen Swan he does it with atmospheric and simply beautiful ambient. It is also unsettling as the album's title translates to "the call of void", the suicidal random thoughts that appear in healthy people's minds in day-to-day situations. Kwoon goes deeper into this topic in the way he does best - through music.

The album is well-thought-through, it's enough to look at the tracks titles that create a perfect story on their own (with the chorus in the titles for tracks number one, five and nine). But it's the music that completes the story. It's sad and extremely delicate to such a degree that bow snapping strings in "Lay Here With Me" sounds as if it was going to rip your soul apart.

The album makes a coherent work and even if a neoclassic beauty is rapidly cut (when "Momentary" starts) it seems that it was planned and must mean something. And the final, if there may be such thing in so delicately droning music, that is placed in "Emptied Bones" leaves the listener with sweet hum in their ears and sadness in hearts.

"L'appel du Vide" costs whatever you want to pay.

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