środa, 30 maja 2018

Reveries - Reveries (2018) EN

Reveries is a "product of wheat fields and grape vines", everybody should be able to decipher the pun from the band's website. So as you could imagine, the Washington state based artists filled their debut album with uncompromising approach to shoegaze mixed with other rock/noise guitar genres. 

"Hits My Eyes", that opens the album, makes a surprisingly massive ballad with a very noisy background and almost chanted chorus. It gets more catchy from "Existential Anxiety" where almost surf-rock composition and galloping melody meet clear guitar sounds and omnipresent noise. It is very similar with the following tracks, When Your Dreams" and "Here With You" being both perfectly engaging with their melodies nad noise. They are divided by peaceful, instrumental "Still" that makes it possible to rest from dancing  same as the album finish in the guitar droning "Passing".

"Reveries" can be yours for whatever you want to pay.

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