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Laikamorí - Persōna (2018) EN

What happens when atmospheric dream pop is being created by two artists with veeeery experimental taste? Laikamorí happens. The duet from Peru show what to do to make music both introduce the audience to a unique atmosphere and fascinate with eeriness. The project released their second album following "°°°°°°°" saying "we are here" to the world.

Their music is centered around the vocals that are diffused to the limits and that seek their place within broad, synth and guitar soundscapes. The nature of the former makes Laikamorí's music avoiding all the labels and floating away towards the place where vocal is just another instrument within airy post-dream-pop. And if the direction doesn't exist, they mark it out.

It's next to impossible to select one or two best tracks of "Persōna". Perhaps it would be the lazy and almost insanely airy "Anima" or the following, more lively track - "Psi Gamma" or the single called "Saudade". The next thing is the graphical representation of the cover arts but also the artists themselves that appeals to the space-unnatural taste that traps in the world created by Laikamorí even more.

"Persōna" costs 11 USD.

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