środa, 2 maja 2018

Ten Million Lights - Sour Oranges (2018) EN

Ten Million Lights, band from Portland create "noisy, dreamy, psych-y pop that's a little heavy, but all-organic and tasty". Established by Eric and Ryan, is present on stages for well over a decade and have released a new album this year. As a five-pieces collective. And as a psychedelic pop requires - it is weird and melodic.

Obviously, they sing about love. As in my favourite track on the album, "Red Tornado", in which they blame the Cupid for treacherous shots. And they do it in particularly danceable and charming way of shoegazing pop from the 90. No wonder that they list Jesus and Mary Chain, Swervedriver and Lush among their inspirations. "Red Tornado" smoothly transforms into another outstanding track of the album: "Smother", in which they included the band's motto: "drive faster, love harder, die following your heart".

Another great song would be "Revolt" with its aggressively psychedelic guitars and calm vocal supported by the bass line. Although there are more peaceful tracks on the album, the band is best in rocking psychedelia. Very tasteful sour oranges.

"Sour Oranges" costs 7 USD.

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