wtorek, 8 maja 2018

Cora - El Rapto (2018) EN

Two natures of every woman, the one represented by the mythical Cora and the one symbolized by Persephone, complicated creation seeking and aiming to lose innocence and gain strength, this is the leit motif and driving force of the Brazilian dream pop band Cora. Well thought trough foundations for awe inspiring music the musicians show on "El Rapto".

Inspiration from Greek mythology is tangible everywhere - from the band's name, through track titles and lyrics, up to the classical representation of femininity on the cover art.  But musically speaking, it is closer to South USA, with California- or Texas-like female shoegaze with unkempt layer of guitars and electronics and diffused vocals. The songs are so well balanced that they are exactly half-way between pop catchiness and airy atmosphere.

Everything sounds great, even, or perhaps especially, when the lyrics are sung in Portuguese. You don't have to know the language to feel what it is about. There are some moments that are surprising, especially the lyrics in Greek in "Kόρη" combined with top-shelf dream pop chorus making it the most tasty combination of the album.

"El Rapto" can be yours for whatever you pay.

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