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Landing - Bells In New Towns (2018) EN

Landing give us great albums for over twenty years now, they were on this blog last year with their EP called "Taeppe". Now it's high time for another long-play as I already missed the moody and dreamy shoegaze by the band with the line-up consisting of Daron Gardner, John Bent, Aaron Snow and Adrienne Snow.

The album's opener, "Nod", introduces the very thing we know about the band - heavy guitars and clear drums combined with the unrealistically airy vocal by Snow, that often goes to such extremes that it sounds as if whispered directly to your ear. And it has to go through the layers of guitar sounds! After that, there are more clasically written dream pop tracks ("By Two") but it doesn't mean they lack any of the atmosphere and the beauty.

They are divided by instrumental interludes called "Gravitational" as they have in them something from this space nothingness and sci-fi movies samples. Some of this climate stays in the following tracks, especially in "Bright" and probably the most interesting one on the album, "Secret", introduced by a long, tension-building sequence. It seems that Snow's voice and the dense atmosphere of dream pop are meant for each other and no wonder the band manage to release something great every year.

"Bells In New Towns" costs 8 USD.

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