wtorek, 1 maja 2018

So Slow - Na Wschód (2018) EN

So Slow is a Warsaw based project that gains more and more attention. They play their variation on noise music. With inspiration spectre ranging from science-fiction and Stanisław Lem to Karl Marx and urbanism, it's no wonder they create heavily experimental music although, as the new album shows, they do that without losing the melodic aspect of music.

"Na Wschód" (or "Eastward") consists of two tracks. Only two but on the other hand, when you listen to them, you discover that the complexity they present, could well be shared for a whole long playing album of another band. Created somewhere on the border of noise rock, experimental electronic music and the poetry of spoken word, the band's music makes a perfect way to express the unsettling lyrics about change and civilization itself.

It is the second track, "Dharavi 2.0", that is the most important on the short album (despite its title). It's the one that became the must-hear of Polish music spring and at the same time a candidate for the best song of the year. It is, obviously, a heavily changed version of "Dharavi", a song known from the band's debut album. They managed to preserve the melodicity of the post-hardcore original track but completely change the atmosphere  which is now super dark and worrisome. Contrasts and perfection.

"Na Wschód" costs 2 EUR.

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